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Experienced Instruction

Andy Cohen has been presenting, creating curriculum, writing review booklets and training teachers to teach astronomy science standards using a portable planetarium for over ten years.  He has the luxury of revising and refining his curriculum for the astronomy content in the South Carolina Science Standards and honing his instruction to make the most of your time with us.

Instruction not possible in the classroom

Your students' time inside the dome is precious so we make sure that every moment is dedicated to using this unique environment to provide instruction that is simply not possible in a classroom: light-proof space and high-intensity light source provide crisp shadows needed to explore the relationships between Earth's rotation and night and day, the Moon's orbit and monthly phases, and the change of seasons as the Earth revolves around the Sun

State Science Standards Alignment

Astronomy has been the lowest scoring content area on the South Carolina standardized tests statewide, for every school district and for nearly every school, since South Carolina started state-wide standardized testing.  Instruction has been developed to specifically address nearly every astronomy content standard for each grade.  

Review Booklets and Teacher Keys

Teachers can request a review booklet for their students to reinforce each of the concepts presented along with the State Standards to which they apply.  We'll cover a lot in a short amount of time and these review booklets will review and reinforce their learning experience.

(Additional costs apply for review booklets and teacher keys)


Space Requirements

*  Indoor only - sunlight, moisture and dirt damage the dome.  

                       Please have the floor swept before set-up.

                       Carpet is not necessary.  We bring our own foam floor

*  Air-conditioned - your students will be much more comfortable and able 

                             to learn

*  Ceiling height - 11 feet, minimum.  Please check this before scheduling

*  Floor space - 22 x 22 feet, minimum

Noise from inside the dome can be heard outside and noise from outside the dome can be heard inside.  Please try not to schedule other activities at the same time in the same space as the dome (cafeteria, gym, etc.) 


Please try to limit the number of participants per program to 25.  

The dome can accommodate up to 30 but this may limit the length of the program, the content and/or the instructional activities or require additional adult supervision.  Additional charges may also apply.  

Special Needs

  • A few chairs can fit inside the dome for those unable to sit on the foam floor.

  • Wheelchairs can enter through the tunnel or by lifting the side of the dome.

  • Those with developmental disabilities may be excited or scared but have been wonderful participants in the past.  Please provide adequate assistance for each individual.  No child should be excluded for developmental or emotional disabilities.

  • A school employee must be in the dome with students.  Dome Education is not legally liable for student supervision or discipline


Elementary Schools                      Contact                 School Phone

Angel Oak, 4th Grade                      Jillian Bruton               843.763.1503

Bonner, 4th Grade                           Catherine Chinners

Carolina Park, 1st Grade                  Katie Watkins

Cooper School, 4th Grade                Kelly Porter

Daniel Island, 4th Grade                  Angie Gregory

Drayton Hall, 4th Grade                   Christina Parson          843.852.0678

Howe Hall, 4th Grade                      Ashley McAlister

James B Edwards, 4th Grade            Mindy Pounder

James Island, 4th Grade                  Amy Bonnett               843.763.1538

Laurel Hill, 1st Grade                       Jessica Wyatt              843.724.7750

Murray Lasaine, 4th Grade               Darlena Goodwin 

N Chas Creative Arts, 4th Grade       Angela Stringer

Pepperhill, 4th Grade                       Deborah Weathers

St Andrews, 4th Grade                     Jennifer Wood

Stiles Point, 1st Grade                      Robyn Kline                843.849.2815

Stiles Point, 4th Grade                      Rebecca Cleavenger    843.559.4171

Middle Schools                  Contact                         School Phone

Buist Magnet, 8th Gr                 Sara Lyle                                843.724.7750

Daniel Island, 6th Gr                 Daniel Erenhart

East Cooper Montessori             Svenja Xeller                          843.216.2883

Fort Johnson, 8th Gr                  Devan Baird                           843.762.2740

Lincoln High, 8th Gr                   Tiffany Jenkins                       843.887.3244

Marrington, 6th Gr                     Deb Dirkes

Northwoods, 8th Gr                   Melissa Hawley                      843.764.2212

West Ashley, 8th Gr                   Angela Davis                          843.852.6507

CE Williams, 8th Gr                    Karen Ulak                            843.763.1529

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