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1st Graders have a wide range of abilities to understand that they live on a spinning globe.  The goals of this program are for students to recognize that:

  • the Sun, Moon & stars all appear to rise in the East and set in the West.  An activity is designed to show that because the Earth is turning, they only appear to rise and set.  This concept will be reintroduced and reinforced in later grades 
  • the moon appears to change shape in a regular pattern.  An activity is designed to show that because the Moon moves around the Earth, it only appears to change shape.

Instruction and activities are specific to South Carolina Science Standards. 

Depending upon your needs, this program can serve as an introduction or culmination to your astronomy unit, or, along with the review booklet, as your students' only instruction for these content standards

1-3.1  Compare features of the day and night sky
1-3.2  The Sun is the source of heat and light for the Earth
1-3.3  The Sun and Moon appear to rise and set
1-3.4  Changes in the Moon's appearance

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